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Freedom is not Free

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Freedom is not Free



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 9-13 came before 9-11

 America Under Attack 

 America, Well Done!

 3AM Traffic Stop   Diarrhea proven genetic disorder.   
 Deer and Cat   Boobs   Obama Sings Slave Trader's Hymn  


 Slinkies    Happy Father's Day  2014

 Wrong Name 

 Bear Attack 

 President's Cars over the years

 Thanksgiving 2013

 Real Candidate

 Cat Rules

 The Gas Price Setting Game 

 Inner Peace 

 NSA Motto

 Irate Citizen


 Lemon Picker


 What A Day

 Gunshot to the Head

 Occupy vs Tea Party

 Microchip Implant Allows Terrorists to Speak to God

 Lost Dragnet Episode


 Merry Christmas 2011

 Reagan and Obama

 Fear in LA

 Christmas Greetings 2010

 Great American - Mr. Donald Unsworth

 89 Blonde Jokes - OBG's

 Give Tiger a Break!

 So Bad

 Happy Thanksgiving
 Smart [?] Car Crash    Easter 2010

 The Obama Honeymoon


 Joe the Plumber 

 What SC Knows about Clinton ! !

 When I'm 100...

 Extra Tickets 

 2007 Hooters Calendar 

 Guts or Balls

 Rich or Poor

 Christmas Eating Tips  Dumb Criminal ?  Final Flight
 Grandma's Hands  True Love

 Jesus is Watching

 Merry Christmas - 2005  The Rifle Christmas  special  The Middle Wife 
 Fried Eggs   Message From Santa  The Dinner Party
 Our Flag - July 4, 2005  Thanksgiving Divorce   The Night B4 Thanksgiving
  Heroes   Why men prefer women.  Memorial Day 2005
  No Looters in Texas  Staff Meeting   Pet Rescue 
  L A Math  Why I FIRED my Secretary  The Power of Makeup
 Offertory Prayer   If you can...  New Living Will
 John Paul II  Walking Eagle

 Know her name ???

 Redneck Values

 Who Reads What  

 Cleaning the Toilet
 Retarded Grandparents  Who's The Boss?   Lawyers should never ask... 
 Don't Step on the Ducks!


 Corporate Theory

 Male Beauty Product  

 Bush breaks up scrum

 ID Ten T Award   

 Marine's Promise 

 Ronald Reagan  1911-2004

 Bush - Cheney in 2004

 Letter Of Apology 

 One Nation Under God      Viagra, Cialis...
 Best Friends    Forwarding Jokes  A Reign of Terror

 Show and Tell  

 Dinner Out 

 12 STI's of Xmas

 John Kerry Pencil

 Cell Phone Call

 Any Questions?
 Iraq History Lesson  

 John Kerry on Defense 

 Job Application 
 Military Precision   

 Political Driving Poll  

 Bathroom Humor

 A Lot of Faith

 Dog Fight

 Good Communication  

  Late for work

 Respect your elders

 Brewster the Rooster 

 Senior Citizens  

 The Pharmacist Apology

 The Passport

 The Plumber's Truck   

 Women's Ass Size Study

 New Word Meanings

 The New Recruit

 Some things you can't explain 

 The New Dentist
 Traffic Stop  No Explanation Necessary

 Doctor's Orders

 Mailman's Last Day

 Telephone Problem

 The Ballerina

  Nickie Gaiser  (tissues required)

 Check your Eyesight

 Train Ride!

 Memorial Day 2004

 America Needs to Wake Up!

 Terrorist Alert (spoof)

 The Navy Hymn  The Mayonnaise Jar & Coffee  Nail In The Fence
 The Rolling Memorial   9-11 Tribute from UK  Technology for Country Folk
 The Plaque  Thermodynamics of Hell  Pet Diaries
 Ice Fishing  Country Boys Can Survive  Pregnant Lady
 Caffeine  IRS Letter  Computer Trouble

 Smart Ass Answers

 Guess the Sex

 The Amazing Claude




 Cross in US Flag

 Today's Hot Tip

 Bear Hunting

 Parents Notes

 Message by a man

 Parents Complaints

 Fisherman’s Boys

 The Barber's Services

 Nursery Rhyme ? ?  

 Florida voting 2004


 New Lingerie

 Four Candles

 Mad Wife Disease

 The Price of Luxury

 Nurse's Prayer

 Today's Lesson

 Drugstore Diagnostics

 Irish Wish

 Hillary Bumper Sticker 

 Speech we want to hear

 Rancher's Widow


 Italian Divorce Court

 Having a bad day

 Super Bowl Calls

 Redneck at Zoo

 Rules for Kids to Live By

 Bra Sizes 

 Patriotic Paint

 Redneck Valentine Poem

 No Nursing Home for Me

 Life's Journey 

 How to massage a pussy

 What are Politics?

 Do You Know Jack Schitt

 Signs You've Grown Up

 Alternate word meanings

 Little Girl's Dream

 Up State New York

 Help find Breast Cancer Cure

 Generic Viagra

  Sleeping Conditions

 Nursing duties - 1887

 Dear Tide

 Football Date 

 Bush cost me my job...

 I'm Goin' to Hell!

 Smart "Older" Woman

  The Preacher 

 How to Stay Young


 The Hospital Window

 Romantic Lines ? ?

 Over Fifty!

 Enron Surprise

 Abbot & Costello

 Cold Weather 

 Florida Blonde 


 Remember 9-11 


 About Men

 A Love Story  

 Tickle Me Elmo  

 Bed Football   

 Mike's Email Rules 

 Kid's Play 

 New Hospital 

 History Lesson

 Origin of Pets 

 911 Change 

 Chickens in Bed

  Trip to a Bar

 Liquid Viagra

 Clinton's & Gore in Heaven

 Cold War Certificate

 Seven Wonders 

 Biker Lady

 Since the Pledge of Allegiance

 Message From Santa

 Brass Balls

 Investment Advice

  Computer Symbols  

  Dickens Cider  Funny sound file.

 Corrective Action Program  PowerPoint file...

 Colo-Rectal Surgeon  Funny sound file.

 See Mike's Ass

 Jail Humor  <Updated 11-04>

 ER Trips  

 One Liners

 Government telling the truth  

 Grandma's Idea  

 Yankee Fans Message

 If Rednecks Ran the Country

 Shoe Bomber Sentencing

 The Late Osama

 Crazy Viruses

 Lucky Frog  

 Single Lady

 Life Savers


 The End!

  Someone Said...  Old but great!!   Two Southern Ladies
 Black Testicles

 Sunday Morning Sex  

  Concorde's Last Flight  
 VooDoo Penis  Greek style

 Adult Riddles   



 The Camel

 The Lone Ranger  

 Tequila Cat

 John McCain and the Pledge 

 Captain Speaking Funny sound file

 Rainbow Bridge  

 Bumper Stickers

 Lucky Day 

 Big Boots

 Christmas Special

  Merry Christmas - 2004 


 Christmas Cookie 

 The Nun   Halloween special

 What Tookie Can't Say

 Forgive Your Enemies

Mature Audience Content

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G Rated Content

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