A Lot of Faith

Two nuns who worked in a hospital were out driving in the country when they ran out of gas.  As they were standing beside their car on the shoulder of the road, a truck approached them.
    Noticing the nuns in distress, the trucker stopped and offered to help.  When the nuns explained they had run out of gas, the trucker said he would be more than happy to drain some from his tank, but he didn't have a bucket or a can.
     Hearing this, one of the nuns dug out a clean bedpan from the trunk and asked the trucker if it would do.  He said it would and proceeded to drain a couple of quarts into the pan.  He then handed the pan to the sisters, got back into his truck and waved goodbye.
     While the nuns were carefully pouring the precious fuel into their gas tank, a cop happened by.  He stopped and watched them for a few moments, then said, "Sisters, somehow I don't think that's going to work, but I sure do admire your faith!"


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