Who's The Boss?


You have to teach them everything!

Which treats to buy.

Which kind of string.

Where to scratch or rub.

How to put us in the tub.

They think we're lazy because we nap.

But we've wisely caught them in our trap.

We know they watch as we clean and groom.

We know every hiding place in every room.

We let them believe they run their domain.

When it's out of our kindness we let them remain.

The should hear how they sound as they beg and cajole.

Then they bribe us with treats to gain our control.

They never ponder who is really the boss.

That's okay, our gain... their loss.

It's not our of laziness we nap so frequently.

We're exhausted from training them you see!


By: Nelda - September 2000
Reproduced here with
permission of the author.

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