Merry ChristmasÖ these words have fallen on bad times. Stores donít want to use them.  People are hesitant to say them.  Why?  Politically Correct? Donít want to offend anyone?  What is it?  I wish I knew.

In this great land we call America, the land of the free and the brave, are we free and are we brave?  We are free but I guess not brave anymore if we donít want to acknowledge the founding of this great country.  This country was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles.  This is what has made it great. Our Federal government has never established a religion.  There are plenty to go around without the government making a new one.

When we say "Merry Christmas," we are acknowledging the birth of Jesus Christ. This fact is non-negotiable.  The founding fathers of this country acknowledged this and set forth the foundation for the greatest country on Earth.  You can find references to God and Christ all through the documents that started this country. Look in your pocketÖyou see "in God we trust."

We do trust in God and we have trusted in God to keep this great democracy going as the land of freedom and opportunity.  This is the country that thousands of people try to get into every day.  They like what they see. They like the idea of being able to thrive financially.  They too want to be free.

Our problem is when we start letting a small percentage of people want to destroy the foundation of this country.  If you have come from a different country with a different religion, you are welcome.  You are free to practice that religion.  Unlike in other countries where the simple possession of a bible is a criminal offense, here you are free to worship and pray as you see fit.

Take that freedom and run with it.  Worship as you see fit or not if that is your desire.  Donít look at that freedom as something bad.  Remember that it is that freedom and the Judaeo-Christian roots of this country that has made it all possible.  This is still the desire of the majority of the residents of this land.  The worship of God and Jesus Christ is the practice of the majority.  This is not mandated by the government but the overwhelming desire of the majority.

Merry Christmas, say it loud and clear.  In doing so you do acknowledge the birth of Christ and in a very direct way the existence of this great country we live in.  Our founding fathers set this all in motion for us.  We have a great thing going.  Keep it going with a hearty " Merry Christmas."

     Mike Meehan
ETCM(SS) USNR (Retired)
     Webmaster - Mike's Good Ones
Cape Coral, Florida 

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Rev:    12-20-2005