The Rolling Memorial

This is a story about an amazingly patriotic couple.  They are the owner operators of an 18 wheel rig.  Their names are John & Amy Holmgren.  They live in Shafer Minn.  They had the idea for a rolling memorial to the victims of the 9-11 terrorist attack on our country.

Their rig has every name of each person that lost their life on 9-11.  This concept was thought up by John and Amy, and totally paid for by them.  John says he will be awhile paying the loan off that he had to take out to do it but, thought this was the least he could do.  Applied Graphics in Fargo ND did most of the work and Paul Kosenski did the Hand painting.

He said that he got to meet the Country Singer Darryl Worley, who Sang the song "Have You Forgotten" and has gotten pulled over 3 times by the police just to get their picture taken by this truck. (I would have pulled him over too!)

He plans on attending the Mid America Truck show in Louisville, KY in March.  It is called the Rolling 9-11 Memorial, it has all the names of the people that were killed on that day and the flights they were on plus some other graphics on the side of the tractor.

Here are some more pictures of this patriotic rig:

My personal thanks to the Holmgren's for this very patriotic reminder of the cost of our freedom.  Well done!
Mike Meehan

We must never forget...

Thanks to Carrie for this "Good One."

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