Mike's Rules for Emailing

1.     If you are going to forward an email to someone, first look and see if the originator has already sent it to that same person.  They don't need it more than once!

2.     When you do forward an email, please edit out all the previous headers and lists of previous recipients of the email, unless their identity is germane to the content.  Getting rid of all the >>> that build up from multiple forwarding would be nice too!

3.     The best thing to do is send out your own original emails.  Learn how to copy and paste.  You should be able to do it; many have.  This way you can paste in the content of that joke, recipe or other tidbit of information that you think your friends just can't live without reading.

4.     Most people are moderately religious and believe in many things.  What people don't believe in is the fact that if they don't forward an email to ten people in five minutes that parts of their body will fall off or they will rot in a very hot place for a long time.  So, if the email has one of those types of statements at the end… either edit it out or don't send it to someone else.  People can make their own choice if they want to send an email on to others.

5.     Virus warnings and other scams should be verified before forwarding them on to others.  Unless you are an expert in that field, don't forward emails that tell people to delete files from their computer just because they have a funny icon next to them when you view the file in Explorer.  There are excellent sites that deal with urban legends and hoaxes and will tell you if they are real or not.  Check these out before you unload your entire address book on the Internet to spread bogus information and just scare people.  If you find out later that you screwed up and sent out a hoax - then apologize and take responsibility for your actions.

6.     If your CC: list is regularly longer than the actual content of your message, you're probably going to be punished eternally.  (Ever heard of BCC?)  By using the BCC (blind carbon copy) even though it isn't really a carbon copy any more. This will allow you to send your stuff to hundreds of people and none of them will ever know you sent it to another soul.  Learn about your email editor.  Again it is not hard - many have done it too!

7.     Don't SHOUT IN AN EMAIL.  Typing in all UPPER case characters is considered shouting in an email.  Use a little common writing style when sending emails.

8.     Don't be so lazy that your emails are full of LOL - PLMK - K - :) - :( or other abbreviations.  We are not pounding a key sending Morse code.  We have a keyboard and very fast computers so that we can type all kinds of letters.  Even at work, so-called professionals are using this type of form of typing in formal business communications.  Clean up your act; it will look much better and be much more readable.

9.     If the email you are about to forward is about some nationally known company giving away the farm… do two things before you forward that email. (1) Go to that company's Web site and see if they have a disclaimer about the email. (2) Check out the email's subject at: http://urbanlegends.about.com/ or another type of site that verifies these emails.  Then, if you are sure it is legitimate… send it on.

10. Here is a great link with advice about hoax emails:



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