President sings slave traders hymn.

The president delivered a eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was gunned down last week by a racist terrorist during Bible study.  At the end of the eulogy he broke into a solo of “Amazing Grace.”  Apparently the congregation was surprised at first but then rose to their feet and joined with him singing the hymn.

Rev. Clementa Pinckney

During his eulogy, Obama spoke about removing the Confederate flag from the state’s capitol.  He said it was not just politically correct.  He said, "It would not be an insult to the valor of Confederate soldiers.  It would simply be acknowledgment that the cause for which they fought, the cause of slavery, was wrong."


Very good… all about the cause of slavery.  Obviously he does not like slavery.  Most of us don’t like that it ever happened.  Also none of us today had anything to do with it. So why did he choose to sing a hymn written by a SLAVE TRADER?

Slave Trader John Newton

"Amazing Grace" is a Christian hymn published in 1779, with words written by the English poet and clergyman John Newton (1725–1807).  Before Newton became a man of the cloth he was a seafarer and then captain of his own ship used in the slave trade.  He wrote the first verse of the hymn after going through a bad storm at sea.  Allegedly this was the start of his religious conversion.  He continued in the slave trading business for several years after writing the first verse.


After he left the slave trade he studied and became ordained in the Church of England.  He later finished "Amazing Grace" while ordained. 


So Obama wants us to forget the Confederacy, remove the flag from public places and act like slavery never happened.  He wants us to just forget history.  The “jury will disregard.” Shouldn’t "Amazing Grace" also be removed?  I don’t care if Newton became a minister.  He was a SLAVE TRADER.  I guess we can’t have the flag because it represents slavery but it is alright to sign a song written by a slave trader.


The other thought is that Obama is just ignorant and never knew about Newton’s past.  So much for doing your homework Mr. President.

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