America, Well Done!

Where are you off to soldier;
I'm going to Iraq son; They say there's a despotic dictator there,
Who'd destroy our nation and poison our air,
and the stench of this vermin's an awful smell,
and its time we send him to hell!

It's not a political thing we do, it's a matter of righted wrong;
and I hope one day if we have our way, Iraq will know freedoms song.

I'm leaving my family, and all I hold dear, to step in harms way for you,
and I won't be back till we've freed Iraq, and taken Saddam from their view.

I know that the fight won't be easy, like the victories previously won,
But I hope and I pray that I'll hear someone say...



J.W. Schowalter March 2003

The Fourth of July brings out a very patriotic feeling in most of us.  Unfortunately the picnics and fireworks tend to be the predominant goals in our long weekend activities.  Lost is the reason that we celebrate this date - the birth of our great nation.
Mr. Schowalter's poem, presented here, gives us but one of the many reasons we have to be proud to be American's and all the good our country has done.  It is difficult at times like these when we are overwhelmed with news that all seems to be bad.  We have a news media that is determined to se just how much negativity they can present to us.  From Shakespeare, "The good is oft interred with their bones…" Well, this country is far from dead!  Our bones are alive and well.  We need to rejoice in the good we are doing in the world.  We need to understand the danger1 that faces us at this point in world history and react accordingly.
My thanks to Mr. Schowalter for this fine poem and my best wishes for all of you this Fourth of July.

Happy Birthday America
God Bless America!

Mike Meehan
ETCM(SS) USNR (Retired)
Webmaster - Good Ones from Mike

1. Larry Abraham, Mike Meehan, "America Under Attack," June 15, 2004, (July 3, 2004)

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