Great man and even better obituary.


Mr. Donald Charles Unsworth


Let me start off by saying that I never knew Mr. Unsworth but I wish I had.  I learned about him from an email I received.  As it has been with this Web site I make pages of information that I think is worthy of publishing further  but not in the form of endless emails.


I urge all who read this to go to the full obituary by following the link below and learn about the great man and wonderful life he had.  Then follow the link on that page or my link below to the guest book and read the comments.


Any of you that have followed my Web site know that I come from both a military and law enforcement background.  I also have some very strong political leanings.  It appears that Mr. Unsworth and I have/had the same thoughts.


Specifically his wish for financial support for the candidate running against Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.  If I may editorialize and add, if he runs.  What ever the case we need a strong conservative leading this fine nation.


My sincerest condolences to Mr. Unsworth's family on this loss.  I commend you all for following his wishes for campaign contributions.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Link to the funeral home page for Mr. Unsworth


Link to the Guest Book


Comments solely from:

P. Michael Meehan, ETCM(SS) USNR [Ret.], Cape Coral Police Dept PVU

September 24, 2010


This was in Rome Georgia News Tribune.  







There is one other issue for this great man.  The guest  book for him will expire on October 8, 2010.  There is the option for anyone to pay to keep the guest book active for a year for about $30 or forever for about $80.  I will be happy to coordinate an effort to keep it going forever.  I can not pay the entire $80 but I have $20 ready to go.  If anyone wants to add to that I will see that it happens.  Email me at: if you wish to help.


There are some really great comments that should live on as a legacy to Mr. Unsworth and his beliefs. 


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