So you want one of those cute little Smart Cars?

Below is a photograph of a wreck in Jefferson Parish, LA (near New Orleans) between two trucks and a Smart Car.

America, wake up... you have sold your safety down the drain at the gas pump.  All your hybrids and electric cars are still burning fossil fuel.  Until this county gets the idea that nuclear power is the way to go this will continue.  There is no reason for anything that does not have wings or wheels to be powered by fossil fuels.

After serving on three nuclear submarines and working in commercial nuclear power for over 20 years I know that it is safe and clean.  This country needs to start building nuclear power plants again and get off the foreign oil and coal trip we have been on for too long.*

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Mike Meehan, RN, BS, EMT-B, ETCM(SS) USNR [Ret.]